C# print line number

Examples. The following code example prints the file named C: \My Documents\MyFile. txt on the default printer. To run the example, create a new Windows Forms project and paste the example code into the form, replacing the file contents.

In This Article public ref class StackTrace [Serializable public class StackTrace type StackTrace class After is called, the printing process begins. The PrintPage event is automatically called by the system to print the desired page information. The PrintPageEventArgs ev contains the Device Contexts ev. Graphics to If you instead use this: 2: 3"fileName, lineNumber, methodName, message)); then you can click the line in the output window and be taken to that line in the source.

Seem to have found the solution. On VS2010 at least, with Output Debug Info set to full I also did not get line numbers within the exceptions. The trick it seems was to turn on line numbers within the editor. (Tools Options Text Editor All Languages General Display Line numbers) Now exceptions show up with line numbers. Remarks. The default line terminator is a string whose value is a carriage return followed by a line feed (" \r\n" in C#or vbCrLf in Visual Basic).

You can change the line terminator by setting the TextWriter. NewLine property That line number is pretty much guaranteed to be in the stack trace. If you want to drill down on it, put a trycatch in the large block of code where it might be happening and drop a breakpoint on the catch block, which will allow you to drop down through the InnerExceptions inside of visual studio (if any exist).

Mar 09, 2010  Also, it would be great if youd include the full command name, in addition to the default keyboard shortcut. For example, for print, the command name is File. Print, with default keyboard shortcut Ctrl P.

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Same line. You can combine the Console. Write method with the Console. WriteLine method. Both methods can be used on the same line. Write does not append a newline to the end. Console. Write consolewriteChar arrays. This is an advanced feature of If the line overflows or we encounter a NewLine or Eos, we print the text in the line buffer. Then we increment the y position of the next line and empty the line buffer. Then we increment the y position of the next line and empty the line buffer.

Aug 16, 2011 Console. Write(line" : " method); The ShowDebugInfo method gets the line number and method of where it was called. If you run that code, it outputs" 10: Void If you set the the stackFrame's constructor parameter to be as 0, you get the line and method where it itself was created.

Nov 15, 2005  Hi Ken, In C#you can use class to get the codes line number, function name, filename and Examples. The following code example prints the file that is specified through the command line to the default printer.

I want the best method to print line numbers next to each CRLFterminatedline in a richtextbox. I am using C# with. NET. I have tried using ListView but it is inefficient when number of lines grow. I have been successful in using Graphics in custom control to print the line numbers and so far I am happy with the performance.

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