Hp check printhead cleaner path

HP Designjet 5000 and 5500 Series Printers Switch Power Off, Check Printhead Cleaner Path Message Issue: The message Switch Power Off, Check Printhead Cleaner Path is displayed on the printer's front panel display, indicating the printhead cleaner tray is unable to move to the furthest rearward position when homing the Apr 04, 2011 Cartridge Carrier jam in the Cleaner path on the service station?

? ? ? ? When you did not have the printheads installed and it then asks you to open the cleaner door and insert the cleaner after installing the printhead and you do open and close it, does the carriage assembly move or is the message Switch power off check printhead CLEANER path. So now I have two good service stations and a board communication problem.

This plotter is not getting a signal from board to tell the service station plunger to go up to printhead capping position.

For HP products a product number. Check Printhead Path. Troubleshooting steps. Document number: bpp. Introduction. The printhead carriage cannot move, or has difficulty moving freely. This message may appear with or without the numbers 1, 2, or 3 following it (troubleshoot all the same way).

Open the printhead cleaner door, Mar 01, 2011 Basic maintenance to overcome the 'Check printhead path' error message on the DesignJet 1050& 1055 series. If the fault persists following this you are like Solved: I, ve pulled the service station and cleaned it up and put it back in. Done service station calibration, color to color calibration, printed a

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