Misspelled road signs

A road sign that was put up within the last week has every word misspelled, except the word 'exit Misspelled words include, Buisness, Rothschield, and Schofeild.

David Vieth, Director of the Bureau of Highway Operations for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, says Decker Supply Company out of Madison was contracted to Misspelled road markings: Your pictures BBC News website readers have been sending their photos of misspelled road markings after it emerged that US workers had written the word" school" incorrectly on a road approaching a high school.

John Burrus, director of aviation, traffic and transportation, said they are dealing with numerous wayfinding signs created by an outsourced company that are misspelled The Oakland Department of Public Works wants you to know that it isnt their fault that theres a SOTP sign at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Arlington Avenue. Way and Arlington Avenue. Road painters misspelled a word in twofoot high neon yellow letters at a Misspelled road signs lane in Canning Town, east London, that marked out a 'Sus Stop Workers for Kirklees Council also managed to make a mistake in their bus stop road markings A street sign on Buffalo's East Side erroneously spells the street Misspelled road signs the letter 'D.

' Neighbors pointed out to 7 Eyewitness News errors on other street signs, including Hughes and Blaine both listed as a street instead of an avenue. Aug 05, 2015 A roadside farm stand sign advertising hilariously misspelled produce items isn't what many viewers assume it to be.

EL MIRAGE, AZ El Mirage residents are trying to figure out why two signs for the same street, at the same intersection, were spelled two different ways. At the junction for Main Street, near Riverview Elementary School, there are signs for Myer and Meyer Lane. The funniest misspelled sign fails ever! Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online.

funny misspelled signs Google Search See more. Violators Will Be Towed and Find 50. We understand that nobody is perfect, but when it comes down to the road signs that are vital for all drivers, you would expect someone to at least use spellcheck. Take a look at some of these cringeworthy signs that somehow slipped through the cracks. This post features a collection of really funny misspelled signs hope you would like our effort.

Explore Carla Howard's board" Misspelled signs" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Funny signs, Funny stuff and Funny images. These are embarrassing. 17 Poorly Spelled Road Signs. These are embarrassing. A Twitter user pointed out a misspelled Kitsap County road sign in May 2018. The sign was fixed within two days according to county officials, who described the process for maintaining more than 20, 000 signs on roughly 900 miles of roadway.

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