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Time Capsule PowerPoint Template is a free time capsule template for PowerPoint presentations that you can download and use for your presentation needs. This free time capsule download template for Power Point can be used in any Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template or any other presentation as a PowerPoint background. Capsule is a design firm. We design moments to create a brand experience.

This means we design logos, packaging, displays, retail environments, brochures, websites, social conversations, signage and mobile environments while A time capsule is a container that is filled with present day things, such as newspapers, photos, letters etc.that is then hidden away in a closet or buried in your garden, for a time, and then opened by your future self, or someone of your choosing.

Mar 03, 2013 The early model Time Capsules had a bad design that lead to early failure. It is well documented on several web sites including one posted by the OP. Later designs changed and the premature failures have diminished. Time Capsule Media. 6 likes.

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