Dorsiflexion exercises for sprinters

Seven Drills to Improve Dorsiflexion in the Ankle Written by Kim McLaughlin Last week, I talked about the importance of dorsiflexion for squatting, sprinting, building strength and avoiding injury. So how do you know if this is an area where you are lacking and, if you are lacking or need improvement, what can you do about it?

There are a few Dorsiflexion is a relatively knew breakthrough which has taken the sprinting world by storm. Its a simple adjustment, that once practiced into habit will instantaneously improve your sprinting speed. Dorsiflexion is the action of the ankle joint that brings the dorsal, or top region, of the foot upward towards your body.

Flexion of the ankle or foot is another term commonly used to refer to dorsiflexion. The action is opposite of plantarflexion, which is pointing the toes downward and extending the ankle. A combined approach including selfmyofascial exercises, stretching, and ankle mobility exercises to improve dorsiflexion by Mike Reinold.

Dorsiflexion Definition Dorsiflexion involves bringing the top part of your foot, which is also known as the dorsum, up toward your shin. This shortens the distance between your toes and your ankle and contracts the muscles Les Archer explains some exercises that will help to reduce your footground contact time and improve your speed It is a wellknown fact that the dorsiflexion and plantar flexion action of the foot, is a characteristic of sprinters.

Various exercises that improve your ankle's dorsiflexion and plantar flexion can work wonders for sprinters. Performing these types of exercises on a regular basis while undergoing a complete training program can have a positive effect on your sprinting efficiency and speed.

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