Ferrite rod inductor design

the inductance of ferrite rod antennas When a ferrite rod is inserted into an air coil its inductance increases by a large factor, but the widely quoted equations for predicting the new inductance are shown to be Ferrite rod inductors are also used in any application, up to about 10 MHz, where a high inductance is needed.

Two permeability figures are associated with the ferrite rod, but only one of them is easily available (see Table 47): the initial permeability. Ferrite rod core inductance. Unlike a toroidal inductor on a ferrite ring, the magnetic flux of the coil on the ferrite rod is not fitting completely within the ferrite and each magnetic field line goes through the ferrite core and through the air, so the calculation of such coil is more complex.

The ferrite rod antenna is a form of RF antenna design that is almost universally used in portable transistor broadcast receivers as well as many hifi tuners where reception on the long, medium and possibly the short wave bands is required. The system consists of individual components including a controller, a stepping motor, a foot switch, power adapter and output shaft.

This design makes it very easy for you to integrate the system into your own project. Ferrite rod was fairly scarce when the engineers designed the AN190 but it can be used to make a smaller DF antenna. The loopstick antenna is a lot smaller than the AN190 and that is the good news. M0118X00 Ferrite Rods. Laird'soffers an extensive range of rod sizes in three standard ferrite materials.

Dimensions 8. 00 mm Inductor Design with Magnetics Ferrite Cores. The following design guide may also be downloaded as a PDF.

For other inquiries regarding inductor design with Magnetics ferrite cores, Contact our Applications Engineers or submit a Custom Inductor Design Hefei Mycoil Technology Co.LTD produce various series rod core inductors and design as your requirements, our high frequency chokes rod core inductors are widely used in switching power supply, power amplifiers, broadband filtering, notebook computer, digital electronic products, buck converter, LCD and other electronic equipments.

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