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Both players share this printable spelling game board. Slip it into a plastic sleeve protector or laminate. Each player selects a dry erase marker (each needs a different color) and their own spelling word list, from the last page of the free download. The Measured Moms Spell it game Spelling Activities from every star is different Gumball Spelling Theme Activity from The Measured Mom Online Spelling Puzzle from The kids page Window Writing Spelling Words& Practice from Teach Mama My children loves the spell it, spelling game from the measured mom.

Printable Spelling Activities& Games When you purchase this ebook, you will get four digital downloads with over 700 pages of spelling activities and games to help make spelling fun! This a PDF, not a printed, hard copy book. Teaching spelling through conventional techniques can be very difficult try these printable kids spelling activities to encourage your child to learn to spell correctly. The game is easy and fun to play. To play, this spelling game, you will need: a copy of the spelling game board, a spelling list, dice, and some game markers to play it I wrote our words onto note cards cut into quarters.

If you have kids on different levels playing, you can make it work for each of them. Weekly spelling practice will become a drudgery if all youre doing is copying and reciting spellings. Try this free printable spelling game to mix things up! Even though my kids attend school starting in kindergarten, I feel that its up to me to see that they develop a love of words. One I collected a list of 100 fun spelling games and activities!

I hope you will find something that will work for you today! You will definitely want to pin this so you can save some of these spelling games and activities for later! Spelling Made Fun Printable Game Cards Cornerstone Confessions. 3.

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