Canon pro 1000 printer vs epson p800

The PRO1000 makes prints much faster than the P800, though, and does give reds and blues a bit more impact than either Epson printer (probably due to the PRO1000 having dedicated red and blue inks). Jan 06, 2016 I heard that Epson is# 1 when it comes to Inkjet printers for photogrpahers, but after my experience with Epson and all that plastic I'm thinking about giving the Canon printers such as the new Pro 1000(70 lbs. ) a chance instead of the Epson P800. May 31, 2016 If you are never going to print longer than A2, then go for the Canon, it has everything else in its favour.

Switching black inks is not nice. It wastes a lot of ink and is the cause of dropped nozzles when the printer ages. REVIEW: Canon PRO1000 Part I of II Canon PRO1000 11 Color Chroma Optimizer Pigment Ink Printer I'm a printing geek who loves getting those digital images off hard drives and on to paper, so when I do I want the highest quality possible.

Epson produces a 1722 printer in the class, the P800, but we had already received the Epson P600 when the Canon PRO1000 was introduced. Since the Epson P600 and the P800 largely share the same internals, I reviewed the Canon and Epson devices side by side, though Ill note where the differences lie between the models. Apr 04, 2016  Canon Pro 1000 vs Epson P800 Canon Pro 1000 vs Epson P800 Ilford, or Red River, offer great papers that can be used on the Canon printer.

Another pro point is the ability to print 16 x 24 prints, and the Canon does not print up to 24 inches. for the time being your choice is the Epson P800, because 23.

4 inches for

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