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Product Design Specification (PDS) The PDS is a structured document defining the agreed requirements to be met by all aspects of the enterprise to achieve a successful Product Design Specifications The product design specification (PDS) is a document created during the problem definition activity very early in the design process.

1. 5 Product design specification (PDS) We can model the production of the PDS for a given product using a process flow diagram. One example of such a Download free design specifications from Guardian Fall Protection. Product Design Specifications Fall Protection Resources GFP Design Specifications The Product Design Specification (PDS) Definition and Purpose: relating to the product outcome, and should contain all the realistic constraints to be imposed upon the design Safety: Understand any safety aspects, safety standards, and legislation covering the product Developing Product Design Specifications Chapter 5, Ulrich& Eppinger text IDENT OPP DEFINE PROBLEM GEN CONCEPTS A Product Design Specification Meets the ISOxxxx Safety Standard.

Metrics. List of Metrics Example: Bicycle Suspension Fork U Product design standards address the design and production of products intended for a wide range of ordinary consumers from the public at large.

(PDF link). For example: Congress mandated that the ASTM F963 Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety To do this, the process of product design is initiated with the creation of a Product design specification safety design specification or PDS.

The PDS documents all of the necessary requirements and constraints the new design must adhere to. Safety The product should be designed for safe operation; Safe operating instructions should be mentioned clearly Safety, Materials, Documentation, Performance ME capstone classfaculty advisor Primary internal Documentation, Performance, Schedule Design Team Primary Within a Product Design Specification are the design aspects and the customers needs and requirements.

The design aspects are then prioritized according to the final desired Mention any items that will limit product design options, such as: regulatory policies, hardware limitations, interfaces to other systems, including existing ones, compatibility requirements, safety or security considerations.

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