Blueprint xml example

Once you have written your first API Blueprint you can discuss the API design with friends and use the tools for API Blueprint. For example, to render documentation, generate a mock of your service or start testing your backend implementation. Create a beans. xml file in the preceding location and add the XML contents shown in Example 2.

3, Configuring the Port Number in Blueprint XML. The highlighted text shows the parts of the blueprint configuration that are relevant to the OSGi Config Admin service. Apart from defining the cm Expanding the project shows There are again two interesting files.

is an implementation of the HelloWorldService interface in the first project. The file config. xml is the Blueprint configuration for this package. 1. 1 Basic Communication (Target Blueprint) An example of a button Blueprint that toggles a light Blueprint on and off through a custom event. 1. 2 Basic Communication (Actor Casting) How to use an overlap event to detect a Blueprint of a particular class (e.

g. a light bulb is turned onoff by connecting a battery). pom. xml src main java resources OSGIINF blueprint blueprintexample. xml test Using Maven for OSGi bundles is very convenient, mostly because of the provided mavenbundleplugin created by the Apache Felix project. This example shows how to exchange data using a shared database table. The example has two Camel routes. The first route insert new data into the table, triggered by a timer to run every 5th second.

The second route pickup the newly inserted rows from the table, process the row(s), and mark the row Pod blueprint XML reference. This section describes the pod blueprint XML file tags. addressPoolBlueprint Schema as defined in CategoryMap.

xml (for example, " 1" for a router, " 2" for a switch, " 4" for a firewall, " 7" for a load balancer, and so on). The value specified will be used to filter the list of available devices to select from when What is XMLBlueprint? XMLBlueprint is a fullfeatured XML Editor (or XML IDE) that supports the creation and editing of Generating Sample XML. Generating XML from DTD.

Generating XML from Relax NG Schema. Generating XML from XSD. Supported XMLDatatypes and Facets in XMLBlueprint. Guide for Camel Blueprint JUnit Testing If you want to develop a JUnit test class for a blueprint XML, this guide provides everything that you need to know from overriding properties to using The XML schema is mostly the same as the one for Spring, so all the xml snippets throughout the documentation referring to Spring XML also apply to Blueprint routes.

Here is a very simple route definition using blueprint: XMLBlueprint is the smart XML Editor for Windows with full support for DTD, Relax NG, Schematron, XSD (XML Schema), XSLT (1. 0, 2. 0, 3. 0) and XPath (1. 0, 2. 0, 3. 0). Its unique combination of just the right features and an affordable price for both professionals as well as home users makes it the smart choice for all your XMLrelated work.

Blueprint Testing Testing is a crucial part of any development or integration work. Camel supports the definition of Blueprint routes, but given Blueprint is an OSGi specific technology, writing unit tests is quite difficult. The blueprintsample module is a sample Blueprint bundle. It contains many of the Java classes and Blueprint XML definitions shown in this article. It contains many of the Java classes and Blueprint XML definitions shown in this article.

Blueprint Testing. Available as of Camel 2. 10. cameltestblueprint does only support testing one CamelContext. So if you have two or more CamelContexts in your blueprint XML files, then only the CamelContext first found is used during testing. These XML files are at a fixed location under the OSGIINFblueprint directory or are specified explicitly in the BundleBlueprint manifest header. Once the extender determines that a bundle is a Blueprint bundle, it creates a Blueprint Container on behalf of that bundle.

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