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Print the image on the treated side of the paper. Your printer should be set to" normal" or" plain paper" to avoid too much inking. Allow the ink to dry for 30 minutes. Trip the excess paper from around the image. Soak the paper in water for about a minute, until the decal releases from the backing sheet. Slide the decal onto your surface.

1) glass jar or other glass object note if you use clear glass, the image will show up better if you put something white inside it, like white candles, soap, buttons, or cotton balls. If you use a white glass object (like milk glass), the image will show up perfectly.

2) shipping tape I used this 3 wide tape. Jan 19, 2016 In this video i show you how to brand your glass for your favorite drink, this method would also work for decorating mirrors and such.

Thanks for watching a How to Use Photo Transfer Paper in Glass Fusing By Contributor; Updated October 03, 2017. Things Needed. Photo Transfer Paper; This tutorial will demonstrate how to use photo transfer paper in your fused glass art. Print the image out on a laser printer that uses a carbon based toner with a high level of black iron oxide, such as a Transfer Printed Digital Photo on Wood, Metal, Glass, Stone: Steps Prepare the surface in the way we mentioned above.

Apply a thick coat of Acrylic Gel Medium on the surface you want to transfer the Photo. How to Transfer a Photograph Onto Glass Using Contact Paper. Nov 11, 2012. Sticking the contact paper to your print will transfer the toner from your ordinary paper to the sticky transparent The best way to do this is exactly as your described, the thicker the mod podge the better.

Also, you can cover your photo in mod podge and place it directly on the glass, letting it dry for 24 hours. Then using a sponge to remove the paper. Transfer print to glass the image is directly transferred to the glass.

Feb 29, 2012 I wanted to know if you can use a mug heat transfer press machine to print on glass bottles? Thanks! ! ! How to print custom designs onto glass Printing your own designs onto glass surfaces using inkjet and laser waterslide decal paper and dry rub off decal sheets.

Transporting your ideas and designs onto glass can be both rewarding and inspiring. There are no limits as to what can be achieved with a little imagination.

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