Digital library user interface design

The objective of this study is to design a model of a userfriendly interface that exploits a multilingual digital library collection to its full potential. On the basis of this model an overview of French and English information retrieval systems from some digital libraries is The Common User Interfaces for the ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library (ETRDL) are described and the underlying motivations for certain design decisions are discussed.

The lessons that have been learnt from this experience are outlined and possible future developments are suggested. The tenn digital library on one hand, is used to refer to a system or application whose functions are chiefly to extend electronic access to material available in a conventional library to a remote user. Since the digital libraries are running on the Internet and the users are from different psychological, educational and social backgrounds, the usage of digital libraries is varying from user to user which entail the need of best user interface.

The user interface, for access to library services The ingest facilities (which a digital library uses to add documents and information The design of usable user interfaces for digital libraries (DL) is a complex task that requires knowledge and guidelines on usercentred design.

Patterns may be one way to achieve usability when designing and developing user interfaces. The author describes some of the challenges, decisions, and processes that affected the design and development of the search user interface for Version 2 of the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE; www. dlese. org), released July 29, 2003. USER INTERFACE DESIGN FRAMEWORK FOR DIGITAL LIBRARIES The following User interface design framework for digital libraries specifies the way that user interface design is handled by using well known design patterns with a clear identification of the discrete areas of focus for designing the UI system for digital library.

The user interface approach to computer design includes more concern for the potential people who will use the system than the traditional approach. One way is through emphasis on ergonomics, the ease with which a person can work in the physiological surroundings of a computer system's environment.

Keywords interface system for digital library needs to understand the Digital Libraries, HumanComputer Interaction, User Interfaces, User Interface Challenges.

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