Printf format specifier for uint64 t

I'm writing some 32bit ANSI C, compiling with gcc, in which I need to print some 64bit signed and unsigned integers. The problem is that in gcc 32bit C, int64t and uint64t get converted to lon printf format specifiers for uint32t and sizet. Ask Question. up vote 82 down vote favorite. 19. I have the following. What is the printf format specifier for bool?

3. what is printf format specifier for clulong2. C printf crossplatform format without warnings. Hot Network Questions Printf format specifier for uint64 t uint64t Properly In C Date Fri 11 July 2014 Category linux Tags printf format c stdint. h provides various machineindependent integer types that are very handy to use, especially the uint64t family.

This is according to printf(3) on my Linux system (the man page specifically says that j is used to indicate a conversion to an intmaxt or uintmaxt; in my stdint. h, both int64t and intmaxt are typedef'd in exactly the same way, and similarly for uint64t). I'm not sure if this is perfectly portable to other systems. The latest version of this topic can be found at Format Specification Syntax: printf and wprintf Functions.

Describes the syntax for format string Each field of the format specification is a character or a number that signifies a particular format option or conversion specifier.

The required type character specifies the kind of conversion Nov 15, 2005 I just want to output a long long or int64 variable use printf function. But if I use printf(" ld"x); I can't output an x more than long. I can only output it like this: printf formats specifications reference page, looking for information on how to print timet, offt and sizet types etc.

However I realised the appropriate formats weren't immediately obvious from that page, and going by lots of code I've reviewed, it's a common confusion. int printf ( const char format, ); Print formatted data to stdout.

Writes the C string pointed by format to the standard output The format specifier can also contain subspecifiers: flags, width. precision and modifiers (in that order), which are optional and follow these specifications: Using Google to search for Visual Studio printf unsigned int64 produces this page as the first result, which says you can use the prefix I64, so the format specifier would be I64u.

share improve this answer Aug 16, 2012 In C type name uint64t is declared in header and is usually a typedef for unsigned long long. So you can use format specifier ll From the C Standard Then you can use format specifier" " PRIu64 to print your value: i. e. printf(" " PRIu64" \n"ram); You can refer this question also How to print a int64t type in C Oct 08, 2008 Hi guys.

Can anyone explain me how i can printf variables of the type uint64t? Thank you. printf format string refers to a control parameter used by a class of functions in the inputoutput libraries of C and many other programming languages. n is the number of the parameter to display using this format specifier, allowing the parameters provided to be output multiple times, using varying format specifiers or in different orders

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