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Digraph Sorting Cards. In this 9pg pack, youll find FREE digraph pictures for beginning and ending sh, ch, th, & ph plus beginning wh cards. Because there are many different patterns for beginning and ending digraph sorting, FREE Beginning Sound. Sticks AZ 2013 Vanessa Levin www. prekpages. com Try these free clip cards to help your students identify the beginning, middle, and ending sound in words.

These beginning, middle, and ending sounds clip cards are great for kids in preschool and kindergarten. This free printable can be used to practice letter sounds in several different ways: as shown in the image using movable letters (letter tiles, magnetic letters, alphabet puzzle pieces, etc. ) picture& letter cards matching (letter cards are included in the file) Beginning& Ending Sound Clip Cards These selfcheck clip cards are intended for students who need review or practice of matching letters with beginning or ending sounds in words.

Simply print on card stock and then cut out the cards. How to use these ending sound clip it cards Children look at a picture, say what it is, then decide which sound is the last they hear in that word.

Then they clip that letter with a peg or a paper clip, or pop a small object on top. On day 2, we did the exact same thing with the letter n sound and picture cards. He was a bit more confident with the ending sounds on day 2. He was a bit more confident with the ending sounds on day 2. Tell your child to say the name of the picture slowly, listening for the featured sound.

Your child can point to or clip the word beginning, middle, or end to show where the sound occurs within the word. Instructions: Print on 8 12 x 11 cardstock and laminate. Cut cards apart. Have the child set the letter cards across the top of a rug or table.

Tell them to say the name of each picture, listen for the sound it ends with, and put it under the correct letter. These digraph sorting picture cards are great for helping a student picture the sound that the digraph makes. Example: The ending digraph ch can be matched with the picture card of the beach. Listening for and counting phonemes in words can be a challenge for kids. These FREE phoneme counting cards Addition Picture; Addition 1 Digit; Addition 2 Digit; Addition 3 Digit; Follow WorksheetFun WorksheetFun on Pinterest.

Ending Sounds 6 Worksheets Phonics. Sound Beginning Sounds. Sound Ending Sounds. Sound Middle Sounds. Beginning sound blackout Picture mats& cards Alphabet clip cards Letter tiles activity Beginning sound parking lots Beginning, middle& ending sounds clip cards 18 beginning sound picture sorts Missing letter clip cards Four in a row You could contact them on their sites and tell that Anna at The Measured Mom suggested you Use the cards for introducing the alphabet, letter identification, beginning sounds, ending sounds, ABC order, centers, etc.

The picture cards come in both Ending sound picture cards printable and black and white. This pack was made with DJ Inkers Clipart.

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