Japanese hand fan designs

In Japanese culture, fan paintings are symbolic. Fans are very important in Japanese culture; in fact, in traditional Japanese dress you cant be considered fully clothed unless you are carrying a folding fan (called an ogi).

Hand fans are a perfect way for your guests to stay cool at your wedding, party or event. We carry several types of Japanese hand fans including paper hand fans, cloth hand fans, sandalwood fans, and silk hand fans.

A variety of attractive hand fans for women of any formal event. These fit perfectly Lesson Objective: I can create a traditional Japanese hand fan, using Japanese culture and unique and personal details.

We are already aware that the Japanese culture treasures symbolism in their art, so it should not be a surprise that Japanese hand fans are a symbolic art form.

The Mai Ogi (or Japanese dancing fan) has ten sticks and a thick paper mount showing the family crest, and Japanese painters made a large variety of designs and patterns.

The slats, of ivory, bone, mica, mother of pearl, sandalwood, or tortoise shell, were carved and covered with paper or fabric. What do you know about Japanese hand fan? It is a Japanese art, is not it? A beautiful handcrafted Japanese hand fan could amaze you with its colorful design. I have collected some awesome crafted hand fans for our living room. In fact, they are perfect to decorate with, a handy item for summer and modeling. Early Japanese fans were of two types, the tuan shan round fan and the bian mian screen fan.

The latter was any rigid fan which could be conveniently held in the hand. The latter was any rigid fan which could be conveniently held in the hand. Design Silk Handheld Folding Butterfly Pink Flowers Pattern Bamboo Fans, Japanese Cherry Blossom Folding Hand Dancing Wedding Party Decor Fan By Bniweim 6.

88 Amajiji 8. 27" Beautiful handcrafted Chinese Japanese hand held folding fan with firstclass bamboo spins and traditonal silk fabrics HBSY (004) Material: Silk bamboo. As it is a beautiful Japanese hand fan, it is best choice for your VIP. You can use these as a favor for your wedding, delicate looking fans just pe Vintage Japanese Silk Hand Fan Cartoon Cat Painted Folding Fan Craft Gift 1 x Windmill fan OR 1 x Hand fan bag.

Special design, with a mini size when folding, but Love these Japanese Hand Fans and Japanese Silk Fans? You also have the choice to personalize them for FREE with the side handle print of your name or message from a minimum order of one (1) piece per hand fan style perfect for when you need them to be your extrasophisticated personalized fans and custom Asian hand fans for wedding favors, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, promotional hand We will pick 3 fan designs for you!

The design includes but not limited to Enjoy these beautiful hand fans from Japan! They are the perfect gifts for your family and friends!

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