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All CD case sleeve printing is done in full color on high quality 14pt cover stock with free gloss coating or matte finish. File Templates Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: When creating your CD cover design file, use these tips: Make the document page size equal to the cover size plus the bleed area or 4.

974" x 4. 974" to be trimmed down to the finished size after printing. If you aren't planning to include bleeds, the bleed area isn't necessary so set the document size to the finished size of 4.

724" square. A CD cover is typically 4. 75 inches by 4. 75 inches. These figures may vary as long as the CD cover accommodates the disc, which has a diameter of 4. 65 inches. Album covers used to come in much bigger formats, as 78 rpm records came in both 10inch and 12inch diameter sizes. It was only in the mid A free application called Cover XP to print the covers Cd case printing size match your CDDVD case.

This is probably the easiest guide on how to print CD covers or DVD covers that I found (and best of all, its free; )) PS: Depends on your internet connection, reflexes, and printer, this whole process may take more than 5 minutes lol. Try fullcolor CD jewel case insert printing to enhance CD packaging. PsPrint offers custom CD jewel case inserts, back with Cd case printing size 100 customer satisfaction guarantee. Available CD Front Panel Case Cover Size.

Our CD jewel case panels or booklets measure 4. 75" x 4. 75" and are available in five standard packaging sizes: How can the answer be improved? Jan 20, 2009  I want to print one out. What are the dimensions for a CD case cover? I want to print one out. Update: Which one of these should I print that would fit the case? Update 2: The dimensions of the CD insert are 4.

75 inches wide by 4. 715 inches high. If you want more space inside the insert, double the width and fold down How to Print the Proper CD Cover Size you could spend many frustrating hours printing and reprinting CD covers, trying to get them to fit inside the CD jewel cases, if you are not sure exactly what size they need to be.

Fortunately, once you know the dimensions, it is a simple matter of resizing your cover art to fit. Set the paper size to the size of the CD case. Open the word processing program that you're using to print the CD case insert.

On the menu bar, click" File" then select" Page SetUp. " Click the" Paper Size" tab, then click" Custom. " Type" 4. 75 inches" in both the width and height sections. Step. Remove the margins.

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