Double lacing shoes designs

A design that breaks the mold, the intricate pattern has a dizzying effect on the observer and adds levity to any shoe style. Pull the lace straight across and feed up through rst eyelets. Skip up a set of eyelets, cross the laces diagonally and over the sides, and then feed them down through the next eyelets. Double Lacing Shoes Lace Up Boots Train Track Lacing This one looks rather similar to the ladder lacing style, but you will find out how different the two are once you check out the instructions.

The simplest and most fun way of customizing your Converse sneakers to reflect your personality is to lace them all fancylike. Whether you love pink laces or emo black ones, choose two of your favorite shoelace colors and check out this fashion DIY tutorial to learn how to tie your Converse shoe with two laces per shoe.

A classic way to lace up Converse sneakers is known as straight bar lacing. This style shows only straight lines of laces going across the shoe. Start at the bottom of the sneaker and feed one end of your laces into the right eyelet and the other into the left, pull through so that the lace is lying flat across the top of the shoe.

Shoe Lacing Methods. This section presents a fairly extensive selection of 58 shoe lacing tutorials. They include traditional and alternative lacing methods that are either widely used, have a particular feature or benefit, or that I just like the look of.

Double Helix Lacing. Lacing Your Shoes Has Never Been This Cool. Chances are, you have been lacing shoelaces for a long time. You may have even dabbled with variations on the traditional crisscross, inandout theme, but you probably just stuck as close to ordinary shoe lacing methods as possible.

Lacing Shoes. Lacing Methods. BiColor Methods. Half& Half (H& H) H& H Straight Bar. Double. Double Sided. See the following gallery for some other variations of Double Lacing. Gallery of Double Lacing Variations. Tying Off. When finished, this method ends up with four shoelace ends at the top of the shoe.

Double Sided Lacing. A standard double lacing begins by lacing the shoe first with one color, but skipping an entire row of holes each time in other words, as you pull the lace across the tongue to reach the next eyelet on the opposite side, skip it and instead go to the third eyelet hole.

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