Cant sign into xbox one account

Jun 12, 2015 Find the account settings tab on your Xbox dashboard and find where you can change the email address. Change it to the one that you are signing into your PC with. I had a similar problem to you. Jan 17, 2016 If you've had no issues logging into LIVE on your Xbox One console and then, all of a sudden, no matter what you do, you're unable to login and receive a gen Some Xbox One owners who have tried to sign into Xbox Live have not been able to do so this morning.

Microsoft has confirmed that the online service for the game console is experiencing some Jul 03, 2014 The problem, from what I understand, is that the Xbox recognizes that you have a working online connection and is forcing the sign in to go through live. If your internet was out it would just let you sign and play normally I believe. Use the solutions on this page if you cant sign in to your Xbox One console after you have changed your Microsoft account password. Solutions This problem may occur because your console had not received the new password information for your Microsoft account when you tried signing in.

Jan 30, 2015  My first Xbox. I have never experienced so many issues than since I got the Xbox one. Because of an Xbox outage, I can't even SIGN IN to my xbox so I When trying to sign in to your Xbox One console, you are repeatedly prompted to enter your password, and you can't complete signin. Aug 14, 2018 If you can't remember your Microsoft account email address, you can try to find it by following steps in the Forgot your Microsoft account email address article. Xbox Live Status.

You might be unable to access your account if the Xbox Live service is having problems.

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