How to print java object

Printing all variables value from a class. Possible duplicate of Dumping a java object's properties Alex K Oct 14 '16 at 14: 49. How to print values of an object in Java when you do not have the source code for the class? 3. Java, cannot tell what is going wrong? VERY basic code Is there any way to print the referenceid of object of String class as we does with objects of other classes?

First question, when has Java ever give you a" reference id" when you return an reference of String class? I have to debug an issue which requires me to print all the values of a Value Object that is returned by a web service call. The Value object is a complex object in the sense, it has another object For example, String thing new String(); will return" java.

lang. String". If you have a class name: will give you the fully qualified name of the object For example. will return" java. lang. String". Print it how ever you want. When you use System. out. println( ) by passing an object as an argument, the JRE invokes its toString( ) method by default.

This results in some very uninformative output. Strictly speaking, you can't print the address of an object in pure Java.

The number that looks like an object address in the String produced by Object. toString() is the object's" identity hashcode". It may or may not be related to the object's current address: The specs do not say how the identity hashcode number is calculated. It is deliberately This method is defined in the Object class (the superclass of all Java objects).

The Object. toString() method returns a fairly ugly looking string, composed of the name of the class, an @ symbol and the hashcode of the object in hexadecimal. Often we need to log or print objects and variables to the consolelogs for debugging. How to print java object is how to print an object as JSON in Java. GSON. Maven Dependency

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