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2. 150 to 350 Your ecological footprint is between 4. 1 hectares and 6. 0 hectares. 3. 351 to 550 Your ecological footprint is between 6. 1 hectares and 7. 8 hectares. (Canadian average) 4. 551 to 750 Your ecological footprint is between 7. 9 hectares and 10. 0 hectares. 5. More than 750 Your Ecological Footprint is greater than 10.

0 hectares. Our Ecological Footprint Lesson Makeover: 5th grade Background 1 blank ecological footprint quiz 1 clip board 1 blank ecological footprint tree map Pictures of different energy uses 1 postassessment form Materials for Teacher (Refer to Appendix and Resource sections) Title: Ecological Footprint Calculator Author: US EPA, OAR, OAQPS Subject: CALCULATING YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT Keywords: footprint Answer: The three countries with the biggest ecological footprint are the USA, China and India.

Although the ecological footprint per person in India is only 0. 8 gha, the population is more than one billion. 4 Followup Ask Ss to suggest ways of reducing their ecological footprint in three areas home, city, schoolworkplace. The Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates the amount of land and ocean area required to sustain your consumption patterns and absorb your wastes on an annual basis.

After answering 27 easy questions youll be able to compare your Ecological Footprint to others and learn how to reduce your impact on the Earth. How does the Ecological Footprint account for recycling? As the Ecological Footprint reflects the demand for productive area to make resources and absorb wastes, recycling can lower the Ecological Footprint by offsetting the extraction of virgin products, and reducing the area necessary for absorbing wastes.

Ecological Footprint 2 more problematic, and biodiversity initiatives suffer. In addition to preserving biodiversity, reducing humanitys ecological footprint has a FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR Scores should all be placed in gray boxes some will be put in a gray box @ the top. Add the points on (bottom of each category) for that category and transfer it to the summary chart at the bottom of Page 2.

25 WORKSHEET 1: THE ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT QUIZ b) smallcompact 35 c) midsized 60 a) natural gas 30 b) electricity 40 c) oil 50 The quiz offers solutions for lessening your impact. Since I took the quiz, The Ecological Footprint has been very useful to the municipality of Guimares not only to assess our greening policies, but also to help us determine in which areas we ought to focus our efforts in order to

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