Windows phone 8 bluetooth printing

Printing with Windows Phone. Ive used a Custom MY Printer Bluetooth. They recently announced the support for Windows Phone 8 and in the next week they will publish a little SDK to interface and use the printer.

At the time of preparing my presentation I dont have the SDK, so Ive used a more oldstyle approach to the While Windows Phone doesnt support printing natively, a discussion is brewing on the Windows Phone Central forums about different ways to print onthego. I am developing an app on windows phone 8. This app must print tickets using a mobile printer like a Zebra MZ 220 Mobile Printer. I have been googling trying to get information about printing to a bluetooth printer using windows phone 8 but there is not to much information.

Dec 04, 2012 Thanks to WP8 advancement in BT APIs is now possible, at least for Custom engineers (www. custom. it), to print on a Bluetooth printer Feb 06, 2014 Proyecto desarrollado en Windows Phone 8. 0 mas web Services mas SQL Server 2012, sistema de facturacin porttil Aug 17, 2018  In the Add Printer wizard, click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.

d. In the list of available printers, select Nov 18, 2015 We need to print Arabic text using Bluetooth Printer in windows phone 8 silver light app. Printing is working fine for English When we are trying to print Arabic text it is not printing as expected? Aug 06, 2015  Windows Phone 8; Printing from Windows Phone 8? 05: 27 AM. It seems to support printing pictures from the phone via WiFi, bluetooth and from Google Cloud. 12: 03 AM I wanted to bump this thread.

It has been a year since the last reply. What has changed in a year? How are you printing from your Windows Phone This is the description of my btPrint demo app to print demo files to portable bluetooth labelreceipt printers. I already did the same app for Android and now wanted to do the same for Windows phone 8. It seems the new developeraccessible Bluetooth stack on Windows Phone 8 is allowing all kinds of useful features. The latest is Custom. it creating a driver for their mobile Bluetooth printer, allowing companies to integrate Bluetooth ticket printing in their line of business apps.

The Bluetooth serial profile is turning out to be pretty useful. Apr 09, 2013 Currently am developing an inventory product on windows phone 8, so I need to print the invoice informations as well as barcode images (bmp format). If anyone developed on the same criteria then please provide some informations to take prints on Bluetooth printer via Windows phone 8. See Can I print with windows phone 8 using Bluetooth to a portable printer? for a few suggestions and links.

First obstacle is whether your phone can pair with the printer. If you can't, the printer uses a BT profile not supported by your phone. Microsoft introduced support for Bluetooth in Windows Phone 8. Bluetooth is a technology that involves devices communicating with each other in the proximity of 10 meters or less wirelessly.

The Bluetooth APIs in Windows Phone 8 support apptoapp communication as well as apptodevice communication

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