Sato printer printing problem

I have a problem with SATO CL408e. It was Sato printer printing problem fine and then today when I started to print, the printer did not print and the ONLINE Status showing Qty.

So I switched it off and turn back on, and it still does not print. Save it and from Print a Batch choose 1 copy, highlight the printer name and choose Print to File. Give the file the name and path of c: \Sato. txt. Click OK. Exit EASYLABEL. For PARALLEL printing: From DOS enter the command COPY Sato. TXT LPT x: where x the port number. For SERIAL printing: From a DOS prompt: 1. After giving print it is saying 'Print Successfull' but no output from Printer.

Can any one suggest what is" Printing Commands" n how can we Pass through the smartform to SATO Printer. If any one using or knowing please respond us. If you encounter a problem with the form, please call the tech support team at.

Please note: Required fields are marked with an. Please do not use any accents or any other special characters in completing the registration form. I'm printing barcode label from Smartform to label printer SATO CG408 and meet some problems: When I have imported SATO drivers and YSTCPCL2.

PRI device type, created device output and print with access method U. Barcode quantity is ok, I Troubleshooting Thermal Transfer Printing Problems SYMPTOM POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Excessive Noise During Printhead energy setting is too high Reduce printhead energy setting Printing Strip plate on printer Lower strip plate is not adjusted properly Problem. When printing a UPC A barcode to a Sato CL408e the interpretation and the descendr bars do not print even if show interpretation is selected in the barcode field parameters.

Cause. This is a problem with the Sato CL408e firmware. The firmware in the" e" series printers, are suppose to place barcode interpretation on the format. Troubleshooting printing problems Follow. Gene Henson. Updated September 17 When printers are printing gibberish, or random characters it may be that the printer is in dump mode, which means instead of executing the print commands it is printing the actual print commands it receives. Quick Reference Troubleshooting Guide for Sato Thermal Printers PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE REPAIR 1) No LCD display Printer unplugged 1) Plug in printer

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