Screen printing production tips

Essentially, with each screen and color you are printing on a shirt, the thicker the ink deposit will be. Sometimes this is an issue, sometimes not. If want to achieve a softer hand on the print, here are some tips: Use a higher mesh count for the screen. The higher the mesh, the less ink will be deposited onto the shirt. Mar 07, 2013  This educational screen printing video is an actual production video about making screens.

Screen making Screen printing production tips one of the most challenging parts of the silkscreen printing Introduction To Screen Printing Articles; Tips& Advice Check out the Article Archive for great screen printing articles!

! The following articles were written as promotional articles for EzineArticles. com and The Catspit Blog. MultiColor Print Sequence.

When printing multicolor prints on light shirts you generally print the lightest color to darkest color OR the smallest print area to the largest area. This sequence, along with the right ink viscosity will help minimize ink Dec 19, 2011 Re: Your best tips for increasing screen printing production speed Like Jamie and Jerry said, an auto press is an obvious step toward efficiency and higher profits.

Not that a manual shop can't achieve a profitable and efficient production. Dec 10, 2015  Heres another educational screen printing video about doing a test print and setting up on press. This video runs down the set up process with practical tips on getting your test printing Screen Printing: Production. Top Tips to Improve TShirt Print Quality Controlling variables is the key.

The standards you set in your shop will go a long way toward determining your printing production outcome. By Marshall Atkinson, Contributing Writer. March 2, 2015.

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