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The Tricky Business of Screen Printing Underbase. you should use a separate white for the underbase and top color. Using your white underbase as a highlight color uses too much ink, making the final print too thick and difficult to cure.

Screen printing underbase can be tricky, but like any other printing challenge, you can overcome it What is Underbase Printing? This is a bottom layer of ink used to optimize the brilliance and quality of a print. The most common under base used is the main white ink that a shop is using, and it is most commonly used on darker garments in order to deliver the quality of colors the job needs. Printing A White Under Base On Black Or Dark Garments This article is intended to introduce you to white under base printing.

This can be a very technical process and requires that you are familiar with the technique. In the extreme, you will see white speckles in your image when you are printing an image over a white underbase. The white ink pulls upward when you lift your screen, and then is solidified in that position under flash. When screen printing multiple colors it can be very hard to align the print areas of each screen perfectly, even if the screens are aligned perfectly the white ink underbase can bleed a little, you would then see hints of white where there shouldnt be.

The secret to creating artwork for an underbase is to make the underbase invisible (unless part of the underbase is going to be a color in the design). It would be easy to just duplicate the artwork or stack all of the overlays together and use this art to burn the white screen.

Its a layer of white ink hidden beneath the surface of your tshirt design called an underbase. Your Ministry Gear designer is an expert who knows screen printing inside and out. Behind the scenes, she understands all the tricks and hacks needed to make your Screen printing underbase white look their best. If you are new to screen printing, the top colors Screen printing underbase white are brighter such as red, blue and green will look faded and could even change without an underbase on a shirt that isnt white.

The underbase typically is designed to be printed under all of a designs colors except black. When printing colors on dark garments, we often suggest to print a white ink layer as an underbase in order for the colors to pop. The inks are not opaque and vibrant enough to print directly onto, for example, and black tee, so the white underbase serves as a primer for the inks to achieve the correct brightness.

Sep 09, 2010 My background is in graphic design and I recently purchased some printing equipment to start a small studio offering graphic design and screen printing. I have a job in house at the moment that is a 4 color job, nonprocess, and I have a quick question about printing white for the design.

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