3d printing cookie cutters

In addition to 3D Printer repair, Fargo 3D Printing also does a variety of custom printing projects. One recent client was Impact Dakota, a company that works with businesses in North Dakota to help provide longterm stability and growth.

They wanted to 3D print cookie cutters in the shape of their logo. CookieCaster provides a free service to create a 3D printable model of your cookie cutter. If you don't have your own 3D printer, you can use a site like Shapeways to order after downloading your 3D model from our site. Stacey's wall of 3D printed cookie cutters. Stacey will also be busy spreading her love of cookies, cookie cutters, and 3D printing.

This fall she will be teaching cookie decorating courses at the community center. Because we can make custom cookie cutters with a 3d printer, now cookie cutters dont need to be mass produced or the same for everyone. Using 3d printing we can make very custom cookie cutters. If you wanted to, you could produce just a single custom cookie cutter for an event pretty cost effectively. Step by Step Guide to Creating 3D Printed Cookie Cutters with Christmas Motifs About a year ago, I published a tutorial 3d printing cookie cutters how to create 3D printed cookie cutters with seasonal motifs.

While that tutorial proved very popular it had one shortcoming in the sense that it required you to have the Rhino software package in case you wanted to follow the Home Gallery How It Works About Cookie Caster Gallery Discover the awesome cookie cutter shapes others have already created.

Find one you love? Just order it or download and 3dprint it.

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